Freed From Feminism Podcast

Ep. 011 - Living on one (1) income - Interview w/ Travis & Tasha-Rose Haage

September 22, 2020

One of the most prevalent concerns in women who may want to leave their jobs to become full-time wives & mothers is, 'but how is it possible to live on one income nowadays'? We could give anecdotal evidence to prove such a thing is not only possible but *enjoyable*, and we do in spades, but our guest Travis Haage, a financial planner, provides hard evidence proving that yes it is completely possible and (*shock*) you can enjoy your life! He also discusses how to save for retirement with one income and the cons of two-income families.

His wife, Tasha-Rose Haage, joined us to give the practical benefits & challenges to this lifestyle, and the tough but necessary questions each family must ask themselves if they want to succeed.

We came away from this discussion encouraged that indeed, no matter what your husband's income, living on it--healthily, happily and peacefully--is truly possible, despite what the culture will tell you.

(Note: Please forgive the wonky Skype format, I (Theresa) am an idiot and didn't set up the screen properly! Grr!)

Tasha-Rose has her own YouTube channel called Radical Mothering ( and website (, where she talks about mothering as God intended.

Travis' Twitter: @apolloworksFP

Tasha-Rose's Twitter: @TashaRoseRadMam

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